Campaign launched for venues to reopen as workspaces

The petition’s creator has called upon the Government to include the measures in its ‘roadmap’ to recover

Work Anywhere Hub, an online platform that connects users with working spaces, has launched a campaign to allow hospitality venues to reopen as Covid-safe workspaces.

The firm has created an online petition demanding that empty buildings be put to use alongside the reopening of schools on 8 March.

The campaign, which is yet to reach a level of signatures where it has to be discussed in parliament, has, however, received backing from the boutique bars and restaurants operator Marylebone Leisure Group.

James Santi, founder and CEO at Work Anywhere Hub, confirmed that the reopening of hospitality venues for remote workers would inject “much-needed revenue” into his own West London restaurant.

He said: “We believe hospitality venues should not be forced to suffer any more. Across the country spaces lay empty. If offices are allowed to be open then why can’t we?

“Work Anywhere Hub proposes that all venues be allowed to open as remote, Covid-safe workspaces until we are allowed to reopen to the public. This might not be until May so we need to be making use of our spaces now.”

He added: “Pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, we all have space to rent and workers do not want to take public transport to travel to work, so let us open up as remote workspaces thus reviving our businesses, offering a safe environment for employees in which to work, and offering employers pay per day workspace locations to enable them to cut overheads.”

If included in Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, hospitality venues could list their spaces on Work Anywhere Hub, allowing workers to rent a desk or space by the hour, day, week, or year.

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