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Rise in veganism boosts sales at Caffe Concerto

Caffe Concerto has said a rise in veganism has helped boost sales for the cafe brand.

The group said it has seen a year of “excellent” sales through its newly developed vegan product range and added that these trends represent the “telltale signs” of an even more markedly vegan-friendly 2020.

Additionally, in response to the Mintel report that a quarter of all British people are now drinking non-dairy milks, Caffe Concerto’s plant-based milk range is also “fueling”London’s coffee drinkers.

Health was the reason why 37% of 16-24 year olds said they’d reduced how much cow’s milk they’ve been drinking in the last 12 months.

Emma Clifford, who looks after food and drink research at Mintel, said “concerns” around health, ethics and the environment are driving sales of plant-based milks.

The director of Caffe Concerto, Mr Borjak added: “Just a few years ago, we used to get one or two requests a week for vegan dishes but now it’s happening daily. That’s why we wanted to develop dishes that cater to everybody or at least have the flexibility to cater for vegans.

“Customer trends keep us thinking about new dishes and inevitably spills out into other areas of our menu, such as our afternoon tea or cake range. Since offering meat-free dishes, we’ve seen our customer numbers rise.”

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