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Caffe Concerto to reopen select stores in shopping centre

Caffe Concerto will reopen stores inside Westfield shopping centres and Brimingham’s  Bullring from today (15 June).

Jacinta Rowsell, general manager of the 2.6 million square foot Westfield sites, said the company has ensured social distancing measures and other precautions are in place to keep shoppers and the 20,000-strong workforce safe.

Caffe Concerto has also introduced a 10-point action plan for its concession style takeaway cafes, which include contactless ordering, staff wearing face masks and gloves at all times and surface cleaning every 15 minutes.

A queue system will be in place outside the shopping centre when needed. Rowsell said: “We’ve introduced hand sanitizers and upgraded the cleaning of the centre which not only includes frequency but also deep cleans overnight.

“One of the things that probably put us in the best position [to reopen safely] is that we’ve got technology that helps us to manage the footfall and the flow in and out of the shopping centre.”

She added:”It means that we are able to understand the number of people inside, where we have people that look like they might be getting too close and what we need to do to make sure we can manage it effectively.”

The CEO of Caffe Concerto, Mr Borjak, said: “It has been a difficult time for the restaurant business, but based on the feedback from our customers we know there is a strong appetite for people to return to the highstreet.

“Working alongside our partners such as Westfield to ensure staff and customers are kept safe, we are confident that we can all return to normality soon and beat this together. We look forward to welcoming our customers.”

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