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Caffe Concerto Kensington reopens after £1.2m refurbishment

Mohammed Borjak and Maher Al-Hajjar of Lux Management and Investment, has announced the reopening of Caffe Concerto after a £1.2m refurbishment.

The cafe based in Kensington High Street, London, and has been remodelled with a light and modern decor, inspired by deco architecture and early 20th Century design.

Borjak said: “Part of being a successful business and brand, is staying responsive to trends and innovating beyond consumer expectations. We have had wonderful comments from our faithful patrons and we’re happy that we can continue to pioneer the way in elegant high street dining by introducing new themes and ideas, while staying true to the Caffe Concerto ethos.”

Caffe Concerto is an Italian restaurant chain, with multiple branches in London, Birmingham and the Middle East.

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