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Wyboston Lakes Resort partners with coffee supplier Paddy & Scott’s

Hospitality, leisure and conference venue Wyboston Lakes Resort has announced a five-year contract with coffee supplier Paddy & Scott’s to provide a craft coffee experience across its spa, restaurants, events spaces and bedrooms.

As part of the multi-year agreement to provide all coffee, machinery and branding, Paddy & Scott’s have been commissioned to design and build a conference coffee house, or ‘fuelling station’, as part of the refurbishment project at the newly renamed Woodlands Event Centre and at various other coffee points across the resort.

An initial capital investment of £150,000 in the ‘fuelling station’, machines and other fixtures and fittings is being financed by Wyboston Lakes Resort. It will also offer a wide range of crafted drinks and snacks, all included in the daily delegate rate.

The partnership will also provide ongoing operational support and specialist training to Wyboston Lakes Resort team members, enabling them to become fully SCA Barista certified and engage with the coffee farm in Kenya.

This facility is set to open in early September 2018 at the same time as the newly created 300 capacity Rosewood Suite at The Woodlands Event Centre.

Steve Jones, operations director at Wyboston Lakes Resort, said: “Paddy & Scott’s ethical approach to business, such as having their own coffee farm in the shade of the eastern side of Mount Kenya in northern Nairobi, allows them to support their local community and aligns perfectly with our own values as a proudly independent venue that provides great value, service and hospitality to our clients.

“We don’t just pay lip service to corporate social responsibilities, but we live and breathe these throughout all aspects of our business.”

Jon Reed, brand director at Paddy & Scott’s, added: “So much can be achieved from a humble cup of coffee and we’re incredibly proud that Wyboston Lakes shares our vision to fuel ambition for its guests and delegates. It’s great to have a partnership that is focused on raising the bar and rewriting the rule book when it comes to conference coffee.”

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