Stonegate Pub Company extends business support

Stonegate Pub Company has announced further business support within its leased and tenanted business, Ei Publican Partnerships.

The business, which has been adversely affected by the economic downturn resulting from Covid-19, now has access to a support package in excess of £36.5m.

Additional support also includes rent reductions of 30% in October and 20% in November for tied publicans operating substantive agreements in England.

In July, Stonegate offered promotional pricing for a three-month period for wines, spirits and minerals to Ei Publican Partnerships, which was available to all its pub owners, and the scheme has now been extended to November.

Nick Light, managing director of Ei Publican Partnerships, said: “The road out of lockdown is a long one and we are standing by our publicans every step of the way to help safeguard their businesses in these uncertain times.

“We are starting to see some real advantages from being part of the Stonegate business and we will continue to look at ways in which our publicans may benefit from that.”


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