Miller Harris and M Restaurants to launch on-demand perfume

Perfumer Miller Harris and M Restaurants have announced a partnership with Odore, a vending and sampling platform, to bring on-demand fine fragrances to customers.

Launched in September 2017, Odore’s platform operates as a vending machine and consumer insights data marketplace.

The platform works by giving consumers complimentary samples of their preferred perfume in return for their accurate and honest feedback. The aim is to satisfy the needs of the consumer and the perfumer by providing high quality of consumer data that can result in increased sales, better product development and reduction in time-to-market.

It is hoped that the partnership will help the perfumer increase sales and gain consumer insight, as well as enticing new consumers to visit M Restaurant to collect their perfume sample.

Odore machines will be placed in M Restaurants hosting Miller Harris’ range of fine fragrance samples and in the future further brands will be welcomed to use the platform in a similar way.

Restaurant director of M Restaurants, Zack Charilaou, said: “We at M Restaurants are delighted to be the first ever venue partner for Odore. Their unique smart machine and technology platform allows our clientele to access some of the newest, most elegant and luxurious fragrances.

“We truly believe that the combination of fine dining, fine wine, fine fragrances and innovation will elevate our clientele’s experience well beyond what any other established restaurant in London can offer. I am personally very excited and looking forward to our clientele embracing their very own Odore experience in our restaurants.”

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