Lincolnshire curry house introduces ‘skinny curry night’

The Sleaford curry house, which has been ranked among the top 100 restaurants in the UK is looking to appeal to slimming curry lovers with The Skinny Curry Night.

The average Saag Aloo has 580 calories, whereas the one that will be served at The Skinny Curry Night has just 240 calories. The restaurant will also offer gluten free dishes and naan bread to those that are intolerant.

The restaurant owner Muhammed Karim told LincolshireLive: “Indian food has a big stigma of being unhealthy but these foods are all calculated.

People think you need lots of oil for curry. It’s more about science rather than cooking for the taste.

The curries taste good and you feel better afterwards. We have to work with what the public want rather than what we want to give them.”

The event will be held regularly if it’s first attempt on 9 May proves popular.

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