Harry Ramsden to offer £20,000 of free food as part of National Fish and Chip Day

Harry Ramsden is to offer £20,000 of free fish and chips as part of National Fish and Chip Day, as customers served with a ‘golden fork’ will not have to pay for their meal.

The fish and chip chain celebrates 90 years in business and has announced a new menu and along with opening a new restaurant in Southampton.

The new menu will see the chain move into less traditional flavours such as Peri Peri, Spicy Jerk and Cajun spices alongside the traditional meals it has always offered.

Tom Crowley, CEO of Harry Ramsden said: “90 years is a landmark few companies reach, so we see it as a cause for celebration.

“We are looking forward to the ongoing evolution of Harry Ramsden’s and are excited to open the next chapter of what is clearly a national love affair with Britain’s longest established restaurant brand.”

The promotion is to run from National Fish and Chip Day (June 1) to June 7.

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