Delivery and takeaway sales increase 130%, CGA reveals

The research shows 29 pence in every pound spent with top managed restaurants and pubs goes on food and drink for homes

Britain’s leading managed restaurant and pub groups more than doubled their delivery and takeaway sales from pre-pandemic levels in September, CGA and Slerp Hospitality at Home Tracker revealed.

The combined sales were 130% higher than in September 2019 when businesses were trading as normal. They were also 35% higher than in September 2020 when businesses were operating under Covid restrictions. 

Reportedly, deliveries and takeaways were worth 29% of the total sales of all businesses contributing data to the Tracker, and drinks accounted for just under 10% of all sales.

September’s growth in delivery sales was more than five times higher than takeaways which “reflects the popularity” of third party delivery platforms, said CGA.  

Additionally, CGA’s data suggests delivery and takeaway sales are not compromising consumers’ spending on eating and drinking out. 

Karl Chessell, CGA’s business unit director for hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “Delivery and takeaway sales have dipped from the heights of lockdown, but September’s figures show they will stay a crucial part of restaurant and pub operations. 

“It’s particularly pleasing to see that at-home sales seem to be complementing rather than cannibalising eat-out spending, even as restaurants and pubs settle back towards normality. While the post-COVID balance of the two sectors won’t be clear for a while yet, there’s no reason why businesses can’t thrive in both in the future.” 

JP Then, Slerp founder, said: “The businesses that are thriving with off-premise sales are keeping things interesting for their customers. They are offering unique menu items that are exclusive through their own online channels, which are often only available for a limited time.

“Slerp partners are having particular success driving up the basket size by creating bundles – and most importantly, the customers are loving it. As we move into the last quarter of the year, the festive online offering can be a significant revenue contributor whilst the landscape remains uncertain.”

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