#BeKindtoHospitality campaign rolled out nationwide

Started by Graham Chalmers, curator of the Radisson Red, the campaign promotes awareness of mental health issues among workers in the hospitality sector

A group of hospitality operations, led by the Radisson Red’s curator Graham Chalmers, has launched a campaign urging the public to be considerate and help restaurants, hotels and bars survive.

The #Bekindtohospitality campaign promotes awareness of mental health issues among workers in the hospitality sector, particularly around stress and anxiety.

Specifically, the campaign asks consumers to be kind and patient to workers in restaurants, bars and hotels who are working under unprecedented and stressful conditions due to the pandemic.

Among the industry leaders adding their support to the campaign are Sacha Lord, Peter Hook and UKHospitality’s chief executive Kate Nicholls.

On the campaign, Chalmers said: “As the majority of the UK enjoys new-found freedom to varying degrees, please spare a thought for those of us still operating under crippling restrictions.

“Of course, safety is and always has been the priority, that goes without saying – but the impact on many businesses of the ongoing uncertainty and spiralling costs is devastating.”

He added: “For example, the sheer volume of no-shows at restaurants and bars across the UK is having a devastating impact on businesses – to the point some are wondering if they can continue to stay open.

“If you book a table, please turn up – or at least call to let them know you’re not coming so they can offer it to someone else. It’s a tiny thing, a two-minute call, but it can make the difference between a venue surviving or not.”

Nicholls said: ““The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the hospitality sector where we’ve lost 7,000 businesses and 650,000 staff members.

“For those that work within the industry this has had a significant impact – mentally, financially and physically and, despite indoor reopening, we are not out of the woods yet.”

She added: “The #BeKindToHospitality campaign serves as a wonderful reminder that our team members are just like any other person navigating this pandemic.

“Our first priority will always be to keep staff and customers safe, so please be kind to hardworking staff, they are in short supply at the moment and many businesses will be operating at reduced capacities as they reopen.”

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