Breakfast Club founder searches for new MD

Founder of The Breakfast Club, Jonathan Arana-Morton, has announced that he is looking to step down as managing director of the brand.

In an online statement, Arana-Morton suggested that the appointment of a new managing director would enable the group to “reach our potential”.

Writing on LinkedIn, Arana-Morton said: “I need an MD because I’m not quite good enough for us right now. In fact I haven’t been quite up to it for a few years. 

“I need a leader with drive, determination and a fighting spirit … you will possess the values that make this business so very special, growth doesn’t mean you forget what got you there in the first place.”

While Arana-Morton acknowledged his success in growing the business to its current point, he said that the business has now appeared to enter a “holding pattern”, adding that the group’s growth is now going “around in circles”.

He added: “You will be given full support by me. Listen, I know I’m not the person that can take a business from 12 to 30, my sweet spot was six ‘cafs’. I’ll help you keep this business special. But don’t worry about an ego, a protective ‘nothing must change’ founder, I’ve moved on, I’ve realised this is bigger than me now.”

The restaurant group, which currently employs 340 staff members, has a portfolio of 12 establishments.

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