‘World first’ potato-based drink launched in UK

My Foodie, a range of smoothies manufactured in Sweden, has launched in the UK.

Tapping into the growth of flexitarian and vegan diets, each of the three flavours features a unique and nutritious blend of potato and rapeseed oil, combined with apple juice and one type of berry – blueberry, raspberry or sea buckthorn.

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The drinks are free from the most common allergens – gluten, dairy, nuts or animal produce – and added sugar. My Foodie claims that the drinks provide “everything people need and nothing they don’t” – best summed up in the Swedish word ‘Lagom’.

It claims to be the first in the world to combine the properties of the potato (filled with energy, fibre and rich in vitamins) with the Omega 3-rich qualities of rapeseed oil. This combination helps to create a viscous and filling liquid, described as “foodier than a smoothie”.

Thomas Olander, co-founder and CEO of My Foodie’s owner Veg of Lund, said: “In typically Scandinavian style, My Foodies are a delicious and nutritious smorgasbord of ingredients and flavours. Given their consistency, they’re more a ‘drinkable snack’ than a drink. Perfect for these increasingly flexitarian times, they contain half your daily Omega 3 needs, are free from anything that’s not needed and feature a remarkably underused superfood, the humble potato.”

Veg of Lund has patented its method for combining potato with rapeseed oil – which is akin to mixing oil and water. To support the launch, the company has recruited a team of sales people to help reach out to both the grocery and HORECA (hotel/restaurant/café) sectors.

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