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US coffee chain Roasting Plant to open first UK outlet

US coffee chain Roasting Plant is set to open its first UK outlet on 16 January, located between London Bridge and Borough market.

The outlet will feature the chain’s ‘Javabot’ tubes for preparing coffee without a barista. The tubes fire coffee beans through plastic tubes to a roaster through to storage tubes, before being turned into coffee by an automatic machine.

Roasting Plant will open a 50-cover outlet with the aesthetic of craft beer pubs, the company is known in America for its customisation options and fast service. Recently the company has expanded across America into Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver and San Francisco. The chain’s Detroit opening was marred by legal problems over profit and revenue projections.

Former Starbucks executive Mike Caswell is behind the chain, creating the ‘Javabot’ in order to allow customers to have greater customisation options for their coffee.

UK entrepreneur Jamie Robertson, who was responsible for bringing the chain to London, said: “People are bored with many of the high street coffee chains. Often the coffee is not as fresh or flavourful as it could be. Also, people can be a bit intimidated by the artisan shops and baristas that require customers to have perfect knowledge of every aspect of the coffee. Roasting Plant talks to the Willy Wonka in all of us. But not only that, it gives a proper choice in just-roasted coffee that is unlikely to be found in any of the chains.”

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