UFO cocktail bar pop up concept seeks crowdfunding

24 hour cocktail delivery service, Spartans CocktailTaxi, is seeking crowdfunding for a ‘unique and innovative’ pop up cocktail bar concept that it is developing.

Describing the concept as where “space meets the earth”, “design meets technology” and “imagination meets reality” the company is working on a mobile cocktail bar designed to look like a UFO.

The firm is aiming to get £50,000 in funding and is hosting its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

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The company said: “We’re building a UFO that converts into a pop up bar, giving space for six mixologists to work their magic at festivals, corporate and private parties as well as movies and video clips… the opportunities are endless.

“We live in a time that UFOs and aliens topics are mostly and openly discussed on TV, radio, newspapers, internet and in almost every gathering of family and friends. We believe that Spartans UFO Bar would be a great add-on to those conversations and a subject talked about long after the party you had at your home, work or wherever you wanted Spartans CocktailTaxi to land the UFO.”

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