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Scofflaw Brewing Co partners with Brewdog for UK expansion

Atlanta brewery Scofflaw Brewing Co will be bringing its craft beer to the UK this autumn through a new partnership with BrewDog.

Co-founders Matt Shirah and Travis Herman began the company with a bootlegged brewing operation in an Atlanta, Georgia cellar. After acquiring the proper licensing, the brewery has become one of the fastest growing craft beer brands in the US in the two years it has been operating.

BrewDog will be cold-chain shipping Scofflaw’s Basement IPA and POG (Passionfruit, Orange and Guava) to the UK. The founders will go on a tour with the beer, which will be available in all 36 UK BrewDog locations that include guest taps.

In addition, Shirah intends to airlift Double POG IPA and a Barrel Aged version of the brewery’s Vanilla Absentium Imperial Stout to the bars on the tour which take place between 29 September and 6 October. The founders of Scofflaw Brewing Co will make stops at Shoreditch, Soho, Shepherd’s Bush, Tower Hill, Manchester and Leeds where they will be guest bartending, handing out beer and telling their story.

Shirah said: “James [Watt] and I had just completed a hell of a huge collaboration beer and a badass episode for one of BrewDog’s shows on their new digital TV network and we decided we could take our synergies a little farther. So here we come and our objective is simple; we’re coming over to showcase independent beer and redneck hospitality.”

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