Lush to offer free coffee

Cosmetics retailer Lush is to offer free coffee in an attempt to cut down on single use coffee cups.

Customers in Lush’s Soho store will be eligible for the coffee if they bring along a reusable cup between 7am and 3pm in the four weeks commencing 14 August.

The coffees offered will include flat whites, iced coffees and teas, all of the beverages will be suitable for vegans.

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Lush Soho store manager Michael O’Brien, said: “Reducing our reliance on plastic has been at the forefront of Lush’s innovations for the last 23 years. Beyond cosmetics, there are habits we can break and simple changes we can make to reduce or remove single-use plastic from our lives.

“By transforming our front exhibition space in to a friendly coffee shop, we want to invite London locals and visitors inside for a free cup of coffee (or tea) and an informative discussion on how to ditch the single-use coffee cup, and learn to #carrythecup. The only catch to the free coffee? You have to bring your own cup (don’t worry, there will be exclusive reusable cups to buy if you don’t have one already).”

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