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Brits spill £6,589 on average per year on nights out

A nationwide survey has revealed 18 to 35 year olds now budget their nights out at £5,200 a year.

However 78% say they spend over their budget with the average figure reaching £6,500 when takeaways, fast food, club entrance fees, taxis and loss of money, along with drink are taken in to account.

According to the poll by, 18 to 35 year olds fork out an additional £340 a year on fast food they regret the next day, as much as £174 on impromptu rounds of shots they wish they’d never bought and £280 on taxis when they intended to catch the last bus or train.

In an average year, young people will also “lend” £145 to pals which they will never see again, fork out £88 paying for friends to get into clubs and spend £170 treating friends to meals or food because they were feeling generous.

Research found as many as 77% said they always wake up with a feeling of dread about how much money they have spent. The poll also showed 27% of Brits have smashed their phone on night out in the last year, while 26% have ruined an expensive piece of clothing and 19% have lost jewellery.

Vix Layton, at said: “It’s not a shock that Brits make some questionable decisions when a drink has been taken, but those impulse rounds of shots and tipsy generosity, coupled with carelessness such as losing handbags and smashing phones can soon add up.

“Setting a budget and sticking to it can be tough, particularly in the face of temptation, but when you see how much brits are wasting and how many wake up scared to look at their statement, it’s definitely worth trying.”

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