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Brewdog PR company Manifest London ‘knew nothing’ about ‘Trump supporter’ campaign

Brewdog’s PR company Manifest London has told Catering Today that it and the pub chain “knew nothing” of former partner Scofflaw’s promotion for Donald Trump supporters that was set to run in Brewdog pubs.

Manifest said Scofflaw’s PR company, Frank, “issued out the campaign without consent or approval from both parties”. In a post to its blog, Brewdog called Scofflaw’s campaign a “rogue press release” and described the promotion as a “weird Trump offer”.

Brewdog told customers it still plans to honour the free beer for those who come to their pubs “in the name of love not hate”. Brewdog said: “All you need to do is tell the bar staff at any UK Brewdog bar, Brewdog Brussels or Brewdog Berlin Mitte you’re a lover not a hater, and we’ll pour you a free pint.”

The pub operator went on to say “it’s not just that it wasn’t approved that is the issue for us here…[it] directly contradicts our own views and values at Brewdog”.

Brewdog said it had been “pretty clear about our views here in the past” in regard to the US president, with it drawing attention to a beer it released named ‘Make Earth Great Again’ in reaction to Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord.

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