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Cheerfy launches new product for hospitality operators

Cheerfy has announced the launch of a new product entitled Cheerfy Shop, which aims to help hospitality operators transform websites into fully-branded e-commerce sites. 

It also provides operators with at-table order and payment technology.

According to the CRM, loyalty and e-commerce solution, the product gives operators “full autonomy” over their customers’ data, enabling them to “take back control from third-party delivery providers without the burden of hefty commissions”.

It also enables businesses to offer a range of different menus for either delivery, dining in or collection, and provide a direct delivery service that integrates with other delivery platforms, such as Stuart. 

It also provides a click-and-collect service for customers for same-day or future ordering, as well as an order and pay solution for in-venue customers via bespoke QR codes.

In addition, the platform integrates with Point of Sale and Cheerfy’s Loyalty solution, which can automatically update customers’ loyalty cards or vouchers.

Adrian Maseda, co-founder of Cheerfy said: “The pandemic has had a long-lasting and devastating impact on the hospitality industry across the globe.

“We wanted to turn the downtime into an advantage, so looked to innovation, and the Cheerfy Shop was born. From talking to our clients, it was apparent that third party delivery services have a monopoly in the industry, holding onto crucial customer data at prohibitive fees.” 

He added: “We wanted to tackle this, and introduced the Cheerfy Shop, which complements our suite of existing customer loyalty services. 

“The pandemic has led to an increasingly congested technology infrastructure, so we’ve sought to amalgamate a full suite of loyalty services under one banner, whilst maintaining simplicity for operators.”

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