8 great cities in the UK to launch a street food business our guide

Are you considering putting up a food business to break into the hospitality industry? There are many opportunities available to you, and some of them won’t require millions to fund. A street food stall or a food truck are both great models to follow, and you have plenty of options as far as where you can set up shop.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best cities in the UK where you can launch your budding food business. Since a small business can be easily moved from one place to another, you don’t necessarily have to commit to one location for very long. Let’s get started.

1. London

As the culinary capital of the UK, London presents a wealth of opportunities to enter the street food scene. Chefs from all over the world constantly bring new ideas to the market, and a small food business can be an excellent way to experiment and innovate what cuisine is all about.

2. Manchester

Another multicultural hub that features a teeming F&B industry can be found in Manchester. There, you can set up shop in one of many neighbourhoods and target a specific niche or cuisine. Remember to practice your creativity as the competition in the area is fierce and everchanging.

3. Newcastle

Newcastle is home to some of the UK’s finest universities, and the local student population is a sector of the market that food trucks and street food vendors can capitalize on. Plenty of local food fairs and events take place frequently in the city, and all of them are prime opportunities to get your name out there.

4. Brighton

Brighton tends to favour locally-sourced ingredients, and that’s a great thing since it’s the home to many small farms and vineyards. Artisan craft food is also a big deal in the city, and you can ride this trend with a food business that highlights this type of cuisine.

5. Edinburgh

Home to a truly diverse range of culinary discoveries, Edinburgh is one city where food business owners should definitely not overlook. The local populace has a fine appreciation for sophisticated cuisine, but more casual food businesses will have a place as well.

6. Glasgow

Street food is a major attraction in Glasgow, and you’ll find plenty of chances to cater to diners’ palates within the city. Some districts of the city have gained popularity in recent years, which translates to more hungry mouths looking for a quick bite to eat.

7. Bath

Michelin stars are slowly making their way to Bath establishments, and the local food scene is stirring with new energy. This is an excellent time to act on the increased awareness and a food truck business is one way to swiftly enter the market.

8. Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland rounds out this list as a seafood haven that business owners should take advantage of. It’s home to some of the best iterations of the classic fish and chips, which is the quintessential British street food.

Wrapping up

There you have it—a list of nine location inspirations for your next food truck or street food business. Keep in mind that competition in these areas can be fierce, so put plenty of thought into your plans. Remember, small food businesses may be easy to get into, but staying ahead is the real challenge.

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