5 food trends and their impact on the restaurant industry in 2020

The new year has brought in a greater focus on sustainable ingredients, plant-based diets, and holistic eating. If you are curious to learn more about these trends and how you may apply this knowledge to your food business, check out this list of five of the biggest food trends for 2020.

  1. Plant-based diets

Vegan and vegetarian diets will continue to be popular, and they’ll dominate the restaurant scene starting this new decade. With more and more diners learning about the unsustainability of the meat industry, coupled with an increasing curiosity for plant-based diets, you can expect a move toward healthier meat and dairy substitutes instead.

Restaurants don’t necessarily have to go completely meat-free to stay relevant. However, offering purely plant-based menu items will definitely become a norm that every restaurant owner will soon follow.

  1. Sustainable foods

Diners today care about much more than what goes on their plates. Where and how ingredients are sourced, as well as the ethical implications of their food choices will start to be common questions that diners ask. Restaurants, in turn, must be prepared to answer.

This means that on top of carefully selecting their suppliers, restaurants must also be able to effectively communicate their philosophies and practices to their patrons. Staff education, as well as thoughtful marketing, will be more important than ever this year.

  1. Holistic eating

One of the newer trends to emerge this year is the increasing awareness of food’s effect on not just the body, but the mind as well. This holistic approach to eating is based on the idea that the food we eat is key to promoting positive mental health and emotional wellness. Holistic eating prioritizes organic, unprocessed, whole foods and locally-sourced ingredients to ensure that they provide maximum nutrition and freshness to their patrons.

For restaurants, this could mean a huge shift in their customers’ preferences. Expect consumers’ tastebuds leaning toward homemade foods that are free of preservatives and other harmful chemicals. Certain ingredients, such as chocolate and berries, will also become more important due to their mood-boosting properties.

  1. Teas and new varieties

This year, a sharp increase in the demand for tea will be observed. More specifically, newer tea varieties that have recently entered the market will become increasingly popular. Restaurants can take advantage of this newfound appreciation for tea by adding the newer flavours to their menus, as well as finding more creative ways to incorporate tea into their food and drinks.

  1. Food delivery options

Consumers today are now busier than ever, which is why the food delivery will continue to see significant increases in popularity. The demand is so great that restaurants that don’t provide this option may see a decline in sales. Coincidingly, menus today now have to be designed in a way that keeps up with the trend. Simplified dishes that are able to travel well while still retaining quality will be needed to satisfy diners’ changing needs.

Wrapping up

With today’s consumer adopting a more eco-conscious mindset, restaurant owners have to be quick to adapt to keep up with their preferences. Restaurants that can go green will undoubtedly have a better shot making it in 2020 and the years to come.

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