It’s not me, it’s you. 

You hate the sight of each other, but it’s a song and dance you’ve become so familiar with. You’ve never known anything different. Each day starts and ends the same. You always meet each other in the same place. It’s all just getting a little monotonous.

We’re of course talking about your compliance paperwork.

The twists and turns of food safety legislation aren’t getting any easier, so why are we still so wedded to our paper based processes? People were talking about digital processes being the future of compliance back in the 90s. But as we enter a new decade, up to 95% of foodservice businesses today are still using paper based processes to manage their compliance. Break ups really shouldn’t be this hard.

The nightmare before inspection. 

No matter how hard you pinch yourself, you don’t wake up. It’s really happening. Your EHO inspection is just around the corner and you’re starting to panic.

Have you got everything you need? Do you know where your paper based checklists are? Can you provide solid proof of your compliance with ease? You just want to make great food; you didn’t go into this business for all this paperwork.

You’ve set your sights on a 5* rating – you’re passionate about what you do, so why shouldn’t you get that revered number 5 to display proudly in your shop window?

Alas, if only it were that simple. Well, it could have been…if only you’d got round to going digital. Just think of the time that could have been saved. You’d have been cool as a cucumber, rather than finding yourself in hot water.

It’s time to meet your soul mate. 

You’d swipe right for this one.  There’s no doubt in your mind.

The paper is gone. Everything’s digital – checklists, automated temperature recording, hygiene checks galore. It makes your day fly by; you can focus on your other tasks because you know your new shiny model has your back. You’re in love.

Ok, so maybe love is a little strong.

We all know that complying with legislation is a necessary evil. But it’s important. So why do we make our lives so difficult by maintaining our loveless marriage with our paper processes?

New year new me! 

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Explore the options of a life that’s digital and you’ll find yourself grinning from ear to ear. What formally cast a dark shadow over your day is now long gone, resigned to the wastepaper bin and your new digital system glistening in its place.

We know you might be a little shy. Heck, you’ve been out of the game for a little while – those paper based processes are all that you’ve known! But you’ll be glad when you’ve made the jump into your new exciting future, where you can do what you love and the old days are all but a distant memory. It’s surprisingly easy to make the change, and digital will become second nature faster than you know it.

When you introduce your new system to your Environmental Health Officer, it’s going to be a real hit. The credentials stack up and they have so much in common – a love of food safety done right. As for you, sit back and relax – let your new system do all the talking – evidencing your flawless food safety practices and producing all the goods in just a few clicks.

Sorry paper based processes, it’s not me it’s you.

Navitas provides a matchmaking service for love struck food safety hopefuls. Visit www.navitas.eu.com for more information.  

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