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Man ordered to demolish ‘secret’ garden pub

A Kidderminster man has been ordered to demolish his “secret” pub located in his garden after inspectors claimed it was “not being used for personal use” and that alcohol had been sold on the premises without a licence.

Carl Roberts, 49, had spent £6,000 on The Dick Inn, installing pub signs, bar stools, a pool table and Sky Sports, however he has been ordered to knock the 10ft by 9ft structure down after Bromford Housing Association raised suspicions of its purpose after sending a team to inspect the building.

A Bromford Housing Association letter addressed to Roberts, read: “Following our recent visit to your property to inspect the large building in the rear garden, it appears you have built a micro bar and it is apparent that this is not being used for personal use.”

The garden publican also received a letter from Worcestershire Regulatory Services, which said it had information that alcohol had been sold on the premises without a licence. The regulator warned Roberts that he could face up to six months in prison if he was found to be selling alcohol without a licence.

Roberts said: “The only things the pub has been used for are kids parties and the occasional barbecue. I’ve never had any complaints and no-one has ever had a problem with it before. The beer taps are all fake. We’ve got a fridge where we keep cans of beer but I’ve never charged anyone for anything.”

Roberts, has been given 28 days to demolish the pub or face legal further action. Roberts has said he will appeal the decision.

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