The Three Chimneys shutters for remainder of 2020

Isle of Skye restaurant, The Three Chimneys, is closing its doors until 2021 on 25 November, as Scottish travel restrictions and rulings make it “impossible” to continue trading. 

Owner Gordon Campbell Gray made the announcement on the venue’s website, stating that “getting on top” of the spread of Covid-19 is of “prime concern” and he fully accepts that closing is the “correct thing to do”.

Gray added that he intends to reopen towards the end of January and will be keeping a “watchful eye” on progress, while hoping to inform guests of the precise date when he can be certain.

The closure follows a report published by UKHospitality Scotland, the Scottish Beer and Pub Association and the British Institute of Innkeeping which found that 95% of the Scottish hospitality industry would be trading at a loss after being placed into tiers three and four on 21 November. 

The statement said: “The results of the survey make for pretty miserable reading. What is most alarming is the total lack of sustainability of businesses placed in levels three or four.

“Lighter restrictions, as in levels zero and one, allow some businesses to break even or even turn a profit. The higher protection levels look increasingly like a death sentence for businesses.” 

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