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Vegan restaurant By Chloe releases cannabis-infused dessert menu

Plant-based restaurant chain By Chloe has announced it will be launching its CBD-infused “FEELZ” menu on 15 October.

FEELZ is a limited edition product range which includes brownies, cupcakes, cookies and more. In an attempt to be dog-friendly, the restaurant will also offer CDB peanut butter bone for dogs.

By Chloe initially launched the FEELZ pop-up in New York in September and has brought it to London for a six-week takeover until Friday 30 November. The range is available at both London By Chloe locations; Covent Garden and Tower Bridge.

The London range is made up of the following six menu items:

  • Rice Krispie Pinkie Treat: Made with bright pink treat of marshmallow, Fruity Pebbles cereal and brown puffed rice.
  • Chocolatey Leafy Browney: New York’s sell-out chocolate brownie decorated with a marijuana-shaped fondant leaf.
  • Chocolatey Leafy Cupcakey: Chocolate cupcake decorated with edible gold glitter and topped with a marijuana-shaped fondant leaf.
  • A-TO-CBDEY Cookey: Potato chips, pretzels, pecans and marshmallow chocolate cookies.
  • Rainbowey Cookey Sammie: Two by Chloe. old fashioned cookies sandwiched by frosting and coated in rainbow sprinkles.
  • Chocolatey Nerdy Cake: A mini By Chloe. chocolate cakes covered in vanilla frosting and crunchy rainbow Nerds.

By Chloe co-founder Samantha Wasser said: “I am a big believer in the benefits of CBD and the potential of this ever-expanding industry. After seeing the overwhelming positive response we received from our Daily Hit Brownie in New York earlier this year, I was inspired to create a full line of CBD-infused items for By Chloe customers in both the US and UK.

“We hope to help bring CBD to the mainstream just like we did with plant-based food when we first opened By Chloe more than three years ago.”

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