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Manchester Mayor asks restaurants to add £1 to all bills to support the homeless

Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has said he wants to see restaurants add £1 to all bills until the new year to support homelessness charity StreetSmart.

The initiative would see restaurants adding the discretionary amount to every bill throughout November and December. The money raised will go to Burnham’s own Greater Manchester Mayor’s Homelessness Fund and the Bed Every Night campaign, which aims to provide accomodation for every homeless person during the winter period.

Burnham has pledged to end the need for rough sleeping in Manchester by 2020.

Burnham said: “A Bed Every Night marks a significant escalation of our efforts to tackle the humanitarian crisis on our streets. And it’s more than just a bed. As well as a roof over the head of someone who has been sleeping rough, there will be a range of support to help people begin a journey away from the streets.

“With the public’s help, alongside donations from benefactors and businesses who want to make a difference, we aim to ensure that there will be a bed every night for every single person sleeping rough in Greater Manchester.

“That’s why the national StreetSmart campaign is so important – it expertly marries business innovation with the generosity of the Greater Manchester public. In this city-region we are not the sort of people who walk on by.

He added: “Whatever our challenges as a country, we are rich enough to put a roof over every head every night of the week. I hope that, in Greater Manchester at least, this will soon become the norm.”

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