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London’s first Oden Bar extends residency due to demand

London’s first Oden Bar at Cubé restaurant in Mayfair will remain open until the end of May instead of the end of March like originally planned.

The Oden Bar launched at the beginning of February as an informal and secret Japanese bar with 12 seats serving just one dish, hidden in the lower ground of Cubé.

Oden is one of the oldest fast foods in Japan with roots stretching back hundreds of years but has never before been available in London.

To eat Oden diners are presented with a bowl of dashi stock containing a selection of chosen ingredients and a small pot of mustard on the side. Diners take the ingredients, dip in the mustard, and then eat with the occasional slurp of dashi.

To pair with the dish bar manager Reo has created Nikka Whisky Highballs; Nikka whisky infused in-house with Earl Grey and Blueberry, Lemongrass and Raspberry, and Apple and Cinnamon and Pink Pepper, topped with soda. To celebrate the launch the Oden and Highball can be ordered together for £20 (including unlimited dashi stock).

The Oden tradition originated in the 18th century late-Edo early Meiji period as a warming street snack that developed regional variations overtime. In modern Japan convenience stores have an unusual addition of stainless steel food-warmers next to the tills containing Oden, with Boiled Eggs, Daikon, Chuwa Fishcakes, Japanese Sausage and other ingredients simmering in a dashi broth ready to eat in-store or to take away.

The Oden Bar will now continue until the end of May, open from Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 6pm until close. Prices start at £2.

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