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La Suquet reinstated into Michelin guide without chef’s consent

French restaurant, Le Suquet has been reinstated into the Michelin guide without the consent of its head chef Sebastien Bras.

The restaurant was publically removed from the listings in 2017 after Bras said being in the guide caused “huge pressure” due to visits from inspectors. At the time Michelin agreed to remove the restaurant saying it would be difficult “to have a restaurant in the guide which does not wish to be in it”.

Upon publication of the 2019 guide, Bras found that Le Suquet had returned to its pages, with two stars instead of the three it held prior to its withdrawal. Bras said Michelin had told him that a restaurant has no choice but to operate under pressure, adding that he was surprised to see the restaurant included.

Le Suquet became the first restaurant to withdraw from the guide without closing its doors, despite several restaurants including some owned by Marco Pierre White have handed stars back after chefs have left or the restaurants themselves are closed.

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