Herman ze German to permanently close all UK sites

Herman ze German has announced the permanent closure of all its UK sites.

The fast food brand, which specialises in German sausages, operates four sites across London in Soho, Charing Cross, Fitzrovia and White City.

In a message to customers on Instagram, the group cited the financial impact of Covid-19 and Brexit as their reasoning behind shutting down its UK operation.

The group said: “Sadly we have to announce that after more than 10 wonderful years in London, Herman ze German will permanently close all London locations. Covid-19 has hit us really hard, as it probably has most of you too.

“Knowing that Brexit will follow at the end of this year, we have no other choice but to pull the plug. There is no way for us to go any further with the restaurants in the UK.”

Herman ze German is one of the hospitality industry’s many casualties from the economic downturn resulting from the pandemic.

Currently, the industry is lobbying the government to end its 10pm curfew on the sector which has impacted restaurants and bars across the country.

UKHospitality’s chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “The introduction of the curfew has had a severe and devastating impact. Businesses are feeling the cumulative impact of all the restrictions placed on them, but they have really suffered since the introduction of the curfew.”


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