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EG Group acquires 52 KFC restaurants

Paula MacKenzie, GM of KFC UK and Ireland, said the strength of its brand as a ‘world-class franchisor’ is upheld by the EG group’s ‘commitment to investing in existing restaurants and development of new locations’

The Issa Brothers’ EG Group has announced the acquisition of 52 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in the UK from family-managed Amsric group.

It revealed the acquired network, across the south and south-west regions, comprises more than 1,600 team members and a mix of “high-quality” drive thru and “traditional” restaurant formats.

The firm has said it benefits from “broad experience” in investing in foodservice development and operations and the group now operates more than 1,600 food-service concessions. 

According to EG group, it is set to position as the largest franchisee in western Europe for the KFC brand, which has positioned itself as the “undisputed” market leader in the chicken segment. 

Post-completion EG will operate over 220 KFC restaurants in the UK and Europe

Ragin Patel, managing director of Amsric group, said: “As a family-managed business, we take a people-first approach and wanted to ensure our KFC network went to a new owner who is committed to investing in the network and allowing our employees to realise opportunities for professional growth.

Mohsin Issa, CBE and Zuber Issa, CBE, co-founders and co-CEOs of EG group, added: “The KFC brand has continued to grow in recent years due to its focus on changing customer needs and brand positioning. Even during the pandemic, KFC moved quickly to assess and adapt in order to embrace the rapidly evolving environment.”

The move follows EG group’s acquisition of the largest KFC franchise in the UK and Ireland from the Herbert group in March 2020.

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