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Cambridge Turkish restaurant receives one star hygiene rating

Efe’s Restaurant in Cambridge has been awarded a one star food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

It was written in the report that: “The chef cut raw meat on the green board used for vegetables, and then used the vegetable knife to cut the raw meat.”

The inspector told the restaurant that it “must inform customers on your menu or by a sign that is visible about allergen/intolerance information available”.

It was mentioned in the report that many kitchen areas were dirty and the report instructed the restaurant that the timescale for cleaning was “immediate”.

The inspector also found that: “There were many wet cloths around the kitchen and chefs were wiping hands on wet cloths and wiping surfaces.”

In the report the inspector made it clear that wet cloths “spread bacteria”, adding that wet cloths should only be used for “soaps wash downs and paper towel for sanitizing / antibacterial spray”.

Catering Today has contacted Efe’s Restaurant for comment however it is yet to receive a formal response.

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