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Borough Market restaurant adds grey squirrel lasagne to menu

Native, a restaurant in London’s Borough Market, has added grey squirrel lasagne to its menu.

Ivan Tisdall-Downes, the restaurant’s owner said the squirrel ragu was made by slow cooking meat from the squirrel’s hind legs. The ragu is then used to make an open lasagne using celeriac instead of pasta. Tisdall-Downes said he obtains the meat from his wild boar supplier, which is said to help with grey squirrel culling.

Tisdall-Downes, said: “Squirrel is one of the most sustainable proteins you can cook really. It is almost exactly the same in taste as rabbit. It’s tasty, it’s not as gamey as rabbit, it’s nice white meat. It’s good to cook down slowly and make stews from and ragus for lasagne. It’s very good for you, it’s quite lean.

“I think sustainable eating is becoming more popular now. More and more people are more conscious of their carbon footprint and the damaging additives that get put in their food.”

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