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£1.5m of cocaine found in Luton chicken shop

Shaheriz Khan, 37, has been found guilty of possession with intent to supply after £1.5m of cocaine was found in his Peri Peri Grill chicken shop in Luton.

Police found 13 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside a holdall in the kitchen and a further two kilograms in a brown takeaway bag.

Khan pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court yesterday after being arrested in October 2017 by the Eastern Regions Special Operations Unit (ERSOU).

Dave Skarratts, detective sergeant at ERSOU said: “Drugs have a devastating impact on our communities and as a result of this investigation we have taken a significant quantity of Class A drugs from reaching our streets.

“We will continue to work hard to disrupt those who seek to do harm by pedalling illegal and dangerous substances, and ensure they a brought before the courts so justice can be done.”

Khan will be sentenced on 18 May.

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