Restaurant Brands Collective to offer bespoke franchise service

Restaurant Brands Collective, a new company offering franchise food brands for virtual delivery or dine-in, has been launched by a team of food development, operations, and franchising experts.

The company aims to offer individual franchise solutions, in a bid to help multi and single site hospitality businesses use a range of food brands to increase sales through existing production methods.

Co-founded by three directors, the brand received government funding through Innovate UK, a part of UK Research and Innovation.

Tony Ford, a former head of food and marketing at the healthy fast-food chain Leon, suggests that the firm’s partners can “drive incremental sales growth” by working with two or three brands.

He said: “Unlike many food franchise companies, we offer our virtual delivery brand partners a portfolio of profit-driven restaurant brands to work with. 

“We recommend our partners work with two or three brands to drive incremental sales growth, reduce potential wastage (as ingredients can cross over all brands) and improve day part penetration with breakfast and lunch focused brands too.”

Brett Boyers, who has run franchise operations across the UK for groups such as The Restaurant Group and Giraffe, added that Restaurant Brands Collective’s services are “low-risk, low-stress and quick to activate”.

The firm’s third director, Stefan Cosser, managed the creative team at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen for over five years.

Speaking of the company’s portfolio, he said: “We will continually evolve our portfolio to keep our brands fresh and exciting for our franchise partners and their customers. Our brands also have excellent digital presence to support partners.”

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