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The Craft Beer Co selling £22.50 pint

The Craft Beer Co has begun selling a new craft beer for £22.50 per pint, with the high price attributed to expensive ingredients.

Speedway Stout’s price makes it five times more expensive than the average UK pint, and makes it more expensive per millilitre than Belvedere vodka.

The beer itself is a 12% alcohol craft beer brewed in San Diego, California, has a thick, syrup-like texture and contains Blue Mountain Coffee from Hawaii.

Craft Beer Co has said that customers do not have to order a full pint however, offering the beer in more affordable halves and thirds.

Martin Hayes, managing director of The Craft Beer Co, said: “We sell the AleSmith Speedway Stout Hawaiian Special Edition by the 1/3 pint as standard. We do not stop people buying a 1/2 or even full pint should they wish, in the same way we do not stop people buying two or even three pints of standard strength lager.

“When we import into the UK and showcase some extremely rare and unusual beers that tend to be incredibly high in ABV – they do come at a premium prices.”

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