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Padella faces vegan and vegetarian ‘backlash’ over Instagram post

Padella based in London’s Borough Market has faced a vegan and vegetarian backlash over an Instagram post which showed a dead grouse alongside a knife with the caption “Grouse soon to be ragu”.

In the image the grouse is placed on a red chopping board with visible blood with the image originally censored by Instagram with the words: “Sensitive Content. This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.”

The restaurant is known for its popularity with vegetarians and vegans with a wealth of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. A user with the name ‘dafandrews’ said that the restaurant would face a “backlash” from its vegan and vegetarian customers. Some users went as far as to say that the image had put them off ordering the dish.

Many users left replies saying they would not visit Padella again, one user named ‘meachagram’ said: “Seriously?! My partner is a huge fan of Padella and we visit regularly. She’s a vegetarian and she’s appalled that a restaurant with so many veggie options thinks it’s ok to post this.

“As a meat eater, I strongly believe we should face to reality of what we eat, but for those who don’t, companies like yours should be sensitive to other people’s preferences. Your social media team should be aware of that and if they aren’t, they really should review what they’re doing and why. Your lack of sensitivity has marginalised your vegetarian and pescatarian customers. We won’t be visiting Padella again.”

Elsewhere users praised Padella claiming the post helped to show where food comes from and even said it needed to be done more often. One user named congiu94 said: “Showing consumers where real food comes from. Need more people to do this! ”

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