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ICA starts campaign following ice cream van ban

The Ice Cream Alliance (ICA), has told Catering Today it is launching a campaign to get local authorities to provide electricity points so that ice cream vans can trade with their engines off, after a number of London councils banned the vans from streets in their boroughs.  

An ICA statement said  it will also request that “sufficient consultation” takes place between councils and the industry “if anti-pollution policies lead to restrictions for ice cream vans legally plying their trade”. The ice cream trade body said Camden council has already begun a consultation on recent bans and it wants to take part in the discussions.

The campaign will see ice cream van members of the ICA writing to their local authorities and MPs to point out the benefits of providing sufficient electricity points, and will see the body helping ice cream van traders to lobby local politicians and relevant bodies directly.

ICA CEO Zelica Carr, said: “In a recent poll about happiest childhood memories, the sound of ice cream van chimes was rated number four, after Christmas dinner, going to the beach and visiting gran’s house.

“It would be tragic if perfectly laudable policies to cut vehicle emissions caused the disappearance of ice cream vans from our towns for the want of some joined-up thinking – and enough electricity points.”

The ICA has a successful track record on campaigning, in 2014 it fought the government’s restrictions on ice cream van chimes and had the policy in England amended to include sounding chimes for 12 seconds rather than four, allowing them to sound when stationary.


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