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Chef Alexis Gauthier supports foie gras ban

Chef and restaurateur Alexis Gauthier whose restaurant, Gauthier Soho, used to serve 25kg of foie gras per day, has told Catering Today he is fully behind banning the substance on ethical grounds.

When asked if he would support a ban on foie gras Gauthier replied “of course” saying its production was “so cruel and so silly” and “atrocious”, adding: “I don’t understand why the rest of Europe doesn’t look at it” adding “I know why, its an economic reason”.

Following Brexit the UK could potentially ban foie gras however EU laws currently prohibit it. Gauthier said “one of the only good things of Brexit will be that we will be able to ban this atrocious product”.

Gauthier’s restaurant used to serve 25kg of foie gras per day, with Gauthier saying: “I feel really, really bad, because for many years I never wondered how this beautiful liver came to my kitchen.”

Following his realisation Gauthier created a vegan foie gras which has “the same kind of texture, sensation, and deliciousness of foie gras without killing any animals”.

The restaurant now plans to become 100% vegan by 2020 with it slowly phasing out meat and fish based dishes.

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