‘Hospitality Titans’ programme to launch in September

A group of hospitality professionals have launched a new platform to help “struggling” industry owners in a post-Covid-19 climate. 

Entitled ‘Hospitality Titans’, the programme aims to set up key events so members can network with peers, investors and innovators as well as listen to guest speakers and receive important industry updates. 

The campaign is being spearheaded by Liam Norval and Pete Warden, who both have long-standing careers in the hospitality industry. They said their mission is to spread a “positive message” and support their peers in these “challenging times”. 


It also hopes to set out a new blueprint of what the hospitality industry is set to become, with leaders of the campaign forewarning that the “era of huge chains is coming to an end and from this new opportunities will rise”. 

Norval and Warden said: “Through all of the recent turmoil, struggles, challenges and pain that  our industry has been through, there  has never been a better opportunity for hospitality to rise like a phoenix  from the ashes of this pandemic and  fly high with all of us helping to steer her.”

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