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Britain ‘sees opportunity’ for food and drink deliveries, says CGA

In the week prior to the Prime Minister’s stay-at-home order, 53% of the public used or planned to use delivery as an alternative, according to the latest research from CGA.

Some 13% of the public received delivery from a restaurant or takeaway either for the first time, or more often than usual, in the last two weeks.

The survey, conducted by the CGA, also revealed a “clear opportunity” for delivered drinks, with 32% of the public looking for opportunities to have both food and drink delivered. 

Only 36% of respondents said they have used or would use a click and collect service from restaurants and takeaways, however.

Nonetheless, the survey showed that the biggest demand for delivery was among people under 35, those living in city centres and those who “usually eat out at least weekly .

Meanwhile, 48% of respondents who are planning to increase delivery in the next few weeks live in suburban locations. There has also been a surge in demand in rural areas, with 22% of rural residents now planning to increase their deliveries. 

Some 72% of those that had increased their use of delivery or used it for the first time in the last two weeks suggested that they were likely to continue this behaviour going forward, regardless of the pandemic. 

Peter Martin, vice president of CGA, said: “With major fast food and sandwich chains like McDonald’s, Greggs, Pret and Burger King now closing, local operators who are able to keep their kitchens open for delivery could play a vital role in taking the strain off of the supermarkets.”

However, the survey also found that 21% of respondents wanted to minimize contact with other people, 16% didn’t trust the places preparing the food and 12% didn’t want to interact with delivery drivers.

Jamie Campbell, chief operating officer at CPL Learning, said: “Communicating your commitment to exemplary food hygiene principles and product quality is crucial to bolstering consumer confidence.

“For many operators takeaway and delivery services will be entirely new to them. They are having to quickly adapt their operations to meet this demand, so considerations and processes need to be put in place that they don’t risk damaging their business reputation or more importantly, people’s health.”

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