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Cafe that offers food and drink for both dogs and humans opened

A cafe has opened in Somerset that will allow dog and owner to eat side by side from their own separate menus.

The cafe will offer dogs towels, blankets and water alongside a specialised canine menu, and mock alcoholic drinks for dogs called ‘Bottom Sniffer’ a dog beer and ‘Pawsecco’.

For humans, there will be the usual coffees, cakes, teas and sandwiches as well as alcohol.

Alan House, director of the leisure centre upon which the cafe is located said: “We accept pets on site but until now they were not permitted in our food and drink venues, so we have listened to our customer feedback and provided them with a place where they can take their dog and get something to eat and drink.

“We went one step further with the addition of the dog menu and selection of treats and drinks. Although it’s early days the feedback has been brilliant.”

The restaurant is open now from 10am till 5pm.

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