Job security concerns rise among hospitality workers

Concerns over job security are growing among hospitality’s frontline workers, according to CGA and CPL Learning Hospitality’s ‘Hospitality Professionals’ panel.

According to the snap survey, almost three quarters (72%) of respondents were either very concerned (39%) or slightly concerned (33%) about their short-term job security. 

This renewed anxiety comes ahead of England’s enforced four-week closure of hospitality venues, the end of Wales’ firebreak lockdown and a series of closures across Scotland’s central belt.

Two in five (42%) industry workers are very concerned about long-term job security, which is double the figure (22%) in CGA’s ‘Hospitality Professionals’ survey after the first national lockdown in June. 

Chloe Sheerin, consumer research executive at CGA, said: “This survey illustrates how lockdowns and a steady stream of new trading restrictions have created widespread anxiety for hospitality professionals.

“Frontline teams have worked very hard to bolster consumers’ confidence and support the sector’s recovery over the last few months, but November will now be a stressful month for many of them.”

She added: “By and large employers responded well to the challenge of keeping staff supported and valued earlier this year—but amid so much concern about jobs, they will need to double down on those efforts in November.

“If they can do so, frontline teams will be well motivated to help their businesses bounce back once this latest lockdown is over.”


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