Compass Hospitality launches £60k scholarship programme

Compass Hospitality has announced it is partnering with the University of Hull to offer students a £60,000 scholarship and opportunity to expand their career in the hospitality sector. 

The programme, which is set to launch in January 2021, is tailored to support students who need financial assistance and reward those who have achieved a high standard of academic performance.

The scholarship will also provide recipients with a career-path into the hospitality sector through the provision of paid placements with Compass Hospitality in the UK during their university vacation time. 

Students may also be given the chance to work in management training and other career opportunities abroad upon graduation.

Compass Hospitality is headquartered in Bangkok and operates hotels across Asia and the UK. The group currently has 16 venues in Britain with locations in London, Manchester and Dundee. 

Professor Susan Lea, vice-chancellor of the University of Hull said: “The University of Hull is constantly exploring avenues for expanding the opportunities available to our students, and establishing ties with industry has always been an important part of this process. 

“We therefore extend our gratitude and recognition to Compass Hospitality for its support of these students, and will look forward to entering into this fruitful and valuable relationship.”

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