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AM Services Group launches AM Food brand

Masterchef The Professionals semi-finalist, Michael Wilkinson, has been involved with developing the AM Food offer to ensure the company is at the ‘cutting edge’ of food trends and training

AM Services Group has launched the AM Food brand, expanding its service range with the addition of workplace catering.

The northern-based facilities services provider said that it “aims to disrupt” the UK contract catering market. 

The company’s “challenging approach” to workplace food has landed its first catering contract for 600 people at the Deeside engine plant of a multinational automotive manufacturer. 

Neil Cooper, AM Services Group’s operations director, led the creation of AM Food. He has previously held senior positions in Mitie’s Gather and Gather, where he was involved in the launch of the 2013 rebrand and the roll out of the cultural change programme for the corporate catering ‘challenger’.

Michael Wilkinson, Masterchef The Professionals semi-finalist, has also been involved with developing the AM Food offer to ensure the company is at the “cutting edge” of food trends and training.

Cooper said: “We want to disrupt contract catering as we know it and to bring a successful, modern, desirable high street quality food offer to people in their workplace. We are ideally placed to work with businesses that put people and their wellbeing at the heart of workplace food.

“Food should be a central focus of an employer’s wellbeing and productivity strategy and matched to the unique needs and changing demands of the employees. We are delivering innovative solutions, using latest technology, hardware and software, full functionality apps, and allergen and nutritional control modules to make this happen.”

Cooper added: “For far too long and far too often we have seen avoidable food waste, long queues and limited service, reduced choice for out-of-hours staff, poor portion control, high costs and lack of nutritional information. We are working with our clients to rid the market of these problems.”

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