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Absolute Taste to allow diners to scan and track history of meals

London-based catering specialist Absolute Taste has announced a partnership with blockchain platform Omnitude to allow customers to track the history of their meals.

Absolute Taste provides food experiences to international and domestic events such as Formula E; The British Grand Prix at Silverstone; The Fever Tree Championships at Queens and The Volvo Round The World Yacht Race.

The company also specialises fixed venues providing restaurant, café and hospitality services across a number of UK locations.

Absolute Taste is now working with Omnitude to bring the benefits of blockchain to its food supply chain. The deal will enable the end customers of the caterers to track the complete source of the food on their plate right down to the fisherman or the farm.

This will be done through the use of QR codes, giving diners the chance to source the information before placing an order.

Gary Kennerley, managing director of Absolute Taste, said: “We are very excited to be partnering with Omnitude. Absolute Taste is a company that has always sought to provide innovation to all of its clients and we always harness the latest in technology innovation to further enrich their experience.

“Historically, the provenance of the produce we use is expressed to customers through a few words on a menu. However, our partnership with Omnitude will give those eating our food a far deeper experience at our events and venues, and even to the private jets we service.

“Each item on the menu will have a unique, trusted, verifiable journey that customers can explore.”

Chris Painter, CEO of Omnitude, added: “In using blockchain to track catering provenance, we will enrich the dining experience of Absolute Taste’s millions of customers.”

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