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Tamu App launches to revolutionise dining experience

Dining app Tamu has claimed to be the first dining app to incorporate the entire customer journey, from discovery to reservations and pre-ordering to payments.

This includes event creation at the restaurant, group ordering with guests and splitting bills. Restaurants pay nothing in advance and commissions are only taken from guaranteed bookings.

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Tamu partner restaurants can turn over tables quickly in peak hours reducing total waiting times by up to 30 minutes per table, while offering customers a group booking facility. This ranges from individual bookings to groups of two upwards and opens up corporate, meeting, family and friendship bookings.

Tables are booked in advance and restaurants can start preparing food to be ready for their customer’s arrival. The order is already paid for so there are no lost revenues due to no-shows.

The app allows anyone to dine out wait free by ordering ahead, reserving tables and paying in advance at the touch of a button. Friends can be invited to join the booking easily, meaning all diners have to do is turn up, eat and go. There is no waiting for service and no waiting for bills.

The 20 year-old entrepreneur Atif Jibrael Fazil, CEO and co-founder of Tamu, said: “According to the 2019 Plan to Plate report; 56% of customers already look at the food and drinks menu before arriving at a venue and 42% know what they want to have before they arrive.

“47% of consumers are already interested in pre-ordering if the option was available and with Tamu, it now is. We are pioneering this process in the UK and we need to remove the damage caused by traditional online bookings that lead to no-shows accounting for 5-20% of total restaurant bookings across the country. This costs venues thousands of pounds a month. Tamu removes the risk by delivering guaranteed bookings with orders paid for in advance.”

He added: “People no longer eat out alone, nor do they want to wait for tables, chase staff for menus, wait for food to be served and then wait again to pay. Changing this process is the secret to winning more bookings.

“The fact is; consumers are already discovering restaurants on Instagram, reserving tables on reservation apps, viewing menus online, sharing food pictures and paying with other mobile applications after eating. They are forced to use different products for each action, which makes the experience clunky and difficult for restaurants to support. Tamu streamlines the process in one seamless app, creating a community of engaged foodies connected to their favourite restaurants.”

Tamu is non-intrusive and flexible to existing kitchen operations. No additional hardware is required and everything is managed via a staff app that intuitively relays bookings and orders to the team.

Costs are also minimised by removing the traditional subscription fees and high commissions, instead Tamu takes a 3.6% commission on orders plus Stripe fees, which secures daily payouts.

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