The Cocktail Club: a playground for adults

Following Nightcap’s recent announcement of the Cocktail Club’s expansion into Cardiff, Catering Today sits down with Sarah Willingham, CEO and founder of Nightcap, and Stephanie Wilkinson, head of marketing at the Cocktail Club, to discuss the expansion, what inspired the company’s decision to remove Russian vodka from sale, and the further acquisitions Nightcap has in the pipeline.

What is the history of the Cocktail Club?

Wilkinson: The London Cocktail Club concept was initially conceived by John James ‘JJ’ Goodman and James Hopkins. JJ was the winner of the World’s Best Bartender award at the Cocktail World Cup in 2008 and, along with Hopkins, aimed to create a collection of bars where customers could experience the best-in-class cocktails in exciting environments with added theatre.

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