New branding trends for food and drink

In the highly competitive F&B sector, standing out from the competition is harder than ever. New products are launched every week and the market is becoming ever more saturated. Innovative approaches to visual design and branding are increasingly used in an effort to connect with the target audience on an emotional level. 

“Branding is at the heart of every successful product and its reach is all-encompassing – logo, packaging, design & print, website design, advertising and more,” explains YouLovePrint. If you are able to portray the essence of your value proposition in a visually compelling way, your target market will react positively and you will create loyal brand followers. 

Trends in colour, form, illustration and other design elements come together to create innovative branding ideas that really push the boundaries of current product and marketing design. If you want your brand to succeed, you need to think hard how to make your products stand out in a cluttered marketplace. 

Here are some of the latest trends:


Evoking both feelings of nostalgia and anticipation, retro-futurism plays on the juxtaposition of cool neon, warm neon and bold gradients with retro design touches. The results are some truly remarkable designs that are distinct, refreshing and exciting. Warm neon gradients are eye catching without being overwhelming. They’re digital yet comforting, and exactly what the zeitgeist demands.

Source: 99designs (Image URL)

Minimal metallics

There is something very satisfying about a metallic design that oozes sheer luxe but without the fuss. This trend is bold, modern and cool. It is understated luxury presented in rose gold, copper, dark platinum, which can work either as a complete concept or as an accent. Perfect for product packing or business cards, this trend transitions easily to the digital space. Minimalism at its best.

Maximalist opulence

While minimalist design has been around for ages, maximalism is now on the rise. It conveys the sense of opulence, extravagance and decadence that people are longing for when many experts see an economic downturn on the horizon. Rich colours, heavy, detailed designs and beautiful lettering promise luxury experiences that are both affordable and available.

Line art refinement

Adult colouring books took the world by storm some years ago, as an antidote to the hectica pace of modern life. Their influence can be felt in product packaging too. Refined line art takes us back to pre-digital times and a simpler, more charming nostalgic age. Interesting scripts mix with DIY calligraphy that transform an olde-worlde vibe into something professional, fun and very now.

 Nature and the environment 

With climate change becoming a real crisis, brands are taking a more environmentally aware approach to design and packaging. Earth friendly design concepts such as ‘going green’, ‘reducing waste’ or ‘plastic free’ signify a cultural shift towards sustainability that translates into earth toned, natural branding trends, particularly in the food and drinks industry. Natural packaging materials, green and brown colour palettes and hand drawn illustrations evoke a harmonious feeling at one with Mother Earth. 


In an attempt to create ever more unique and meaningful concepts that resonate with customers, brands are going all out. When one design element transforms into another, it creates an optical illusion that adds visual interest and stops you in tracks. Artistic, avantgarde ‘metamorphoses’ make an unusual statement that there’s more than meets the eye.

 Visual storytelling

Use your branding to tell a story, your story. In digital and print design, there is now a surge of visual heavy branding that takes storytelling further than ever before. This is particularly important for online-only brands sold through ecommerce sites that lack exposure in the real world. Subscription boxes are a case in point, where the box itself becomes the representation of the brand and unboxing becomes part of the experience. Take a look at this Graze unboxing video for healthy snacks company Graze here: 

Sunny optimism

 We could all do with a sunny outlook in these testing times, so what better way than letting the sunshine in through your product branding? Yellows and oranges are the feelgood shades that are at the heart of uplifting brand designs that evoke youthfulness, carefreeness and happiness. Place these warm, cheerful hues strategically to give your branding the edge as we enter a decade full of doubt. 

Looking ahead at the future of the food and beverage market, it is clear that the importance of impeccable branding that keeps pace with what is relevant to your target market couldn’t be greater. Whether you are a start-up or established brand, take note of the branding trends above and make the world sit up and take notice.

Submitted by independent writer Annie Button

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